Fuel Fixer Scotland, a division of Fuel Fixer Ltd, is the premium fuel drain service covering the entirety of Scotland. If you have put the wrong fuel in your car anywhere in Scotland, from Inverness and Aberdeen down to Dumfries, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Fuel Fixer Scotland can and will get you going again.

We have specialist fuel drain technicians stationed throughout Scotland ready to resolve any misfueling issues you may have. So, wherever you need a fuel drain, and whenever you need it, we are here to help. Call now for a free quote and misfuel advice from our professional control centre personnel.

Free from Landlines: 0800 015 9564

Mobile Number: 07730 357613

Fuel Drain Glasgow – Wrong Fuel Removal Glasgow -Glasgow City

Put the wrong fuel in your car in Glasgow? Petrol in diesel car in Glasgow? Don’t worry at all. Fuel Fixer Scotland is able to have a technician out to you in no time to perform a fuel drain and remove the wrong fuel from your car.

Fuel Drain Edinburgh – Wrong Fuel Removal Edinburgh – City Of Edinburgh

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car in Edinburgh we’re able to help. We have two fuel drain vans based in the heart of Edinburgh ready to drain your fuel tank and get you going again. Petrol in diesel? No problem. Fuel Fixer is on the case.

Fuel Drain Aberdeen – Wrong Fuel Removal Aberdeen – Aberdeen City

Fuel Fixer is one of the only fuel drain companies that regularly service the Aberdeen area. Our fuel drainers can come out to you, wherever you are and whenever you want, to remove the wrong fuel from your car and get you going again – no mess and no fuss.

Fuel Drain Dundee – Wrong Fuel Removal Dundee – Dundee City

Stuck in Dundee with the wrong fuel in your car? Call Fuel Fixer to sort the problem out. We can come out to remove the wrong fuel, drain the tank and flush the lines, and get the car going again. We are contracted by some of the biggest breakdown and insurance providers so you know you can trust us to get the job done properly.

Fuel Drain Paisley – Wrong Fuel Removal Paisley – Renfrewshire

“Help! I put the wrong fuel in my car in Paisley!” is something we hear quite a lot. Fear not! Give Fuel Fixer a call and we’ll have a fuel drainer out to you in a flash to remove the wrong fuel and get your vehicle running again. Our services are fast, professional and cost-effective.

Fuel Drain East Kilbride – Wrong Fuel Removal East Kilbride – South Lanarkshire

Another thing we hear a lot is “Help! I put petrol in my diesel car in East Kilbride!” Again, this is nothing that Fuel Fixer cannot resolve. We do hundreds of fuel drains every week (yes – there are that many people who misfuel) and we can help you too. Call now for help and advice.

Fuel Drain Livingston – Wrong Fuel Removal Livingston – West Lothian

We can usually have a fuel drainer with you in Livingston within half an hour (depending on traffic and scheduling) to remove the wrong fuel from your car and get it started and running again. So, if you have the wrong fuel in your car in Livingston, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Fuel Drain Hamilton – Wrong Fuel Removal Hamilton – South Lanarkshire

If you are in Hamilton feeling like a bit of a wally after having put petrol in your diesel car you can call us. We will have a fuel drainer out to sort the problem, remove the wrong fuel, and have you on your way again feeling right as rain.

Fuel Drain Cumbernauld – Wrong Fuel Removal Cumbernauld – North Lanarkshire

Wrong fuel in your car in Cumbernauld, or anywhere in North Lanarkshire for that matter? Call the number one fuel drain company in Scotland – Fuel Fixer! We have experience in dealing with all makes and models. Our fuel drainers will remove the wrong fuel from your car and have you driving off once again with a smile on your face.

Fuel Drain Kirkcaldy – Wrong Fuel Removal Kirkcaldy – Fife

If you find yourself saying, “I’m a plonker. I put the wrong fuel in my car in Kirkcaldy,” give Fuel Fixer a call. Our fuel drainers will drain your fuel tank of the wrong fuel and get your vehicle up and running once more. We’ve fast, professional and cheap.

Fuel Drain Dunfermline – Wrong Fuel Removal Dunfermline – Fife

Stuck on the side of the road or at a petrol station in Dunfermline with the wrong fuel in your car? Fuel Fixer will help to get the petrol drained from your diesel car, or diesel drained from your petrol car. No mess – no fuss.

Fuel Drain Ayr – Wrong Fuel Removal Ayr – South Ayrshire

Worried about the petrol you just put in your diesel car in Ayr? Don’t worry – you’re in luck! Fuel Fixer can be out to you in a flash to sort the problem out. Our fuel drainers are fully trained professionals ready and waiting for your call.

Fuel Drain Perth – Wrong Fuel Removal Perth – Perth and Kinross

Had a call the other day, “I put petrol in my diesel car. I’m in Perth. What do I do?” The answer is simple. Have Fuel Fixer called out to resolve the problem. We’ll drain the fuel tank and clean the fuel system so you can be on your way. It doesn’t matter where you are – even in Perth.

Fuel Drain Kilmarnock – Wrong Fuel Removal Kilmarnock – East Ayrshire

Attempting to drive around Kilmarnock with the wrong fuel in your car (petrol in diesel or vice versa) will never get you far. Call Fuel Fixer and we’ll be able to drain your fuel tank and have your car purring beautifully once more.

Fuel Drain Greenock – Wrong Fuel Removal Greenock – Inverclyde

“Oops! I put unleaded in my diesel car by mistake.” This is the type of thing we specialist in correcting. Fuel Fixer will drain the tanks and you will be on your way in no time. We cover the entirety of the Greenock area.

Fuel Drain Coatbridge – Wrong Fuel Removal Coatbridge – North Lanarkshire

Need the wrong fuel removed from your car in Coatbridge? Fuel Fixer is the answer to your problem. We drain the wrong fuel from tanks all over Coatbridge and the surrounding areas. Petrol in a diesel car? No problem. Diesel in a petrol car? No problem.

Fuel Drain Falkirk – Wrong Fuel Removal Falkirk – Falkirk

Misfueled in Falkirk? Petrol in your diesel? Call Fuel Fixer. We have specialist fuel drainers on stand-by ready to help you resolve the problem. We’ve fast, professional and very cost-effective. Call now!


6 thoughts on “Scotland”

  1. Deb says:

    I think i have put £40 worth of petrol into my diesal car, I didn’t notice at the time (very sure it was black diesal nozzle) and i am still not certain that this is what i have done, i drove 20 miles from the petrol station with car slightly slugish in low gears but put this down to very very wet and lots of water on the road. Car started this morning then went very jurky and konked out! Not sure what to do right now and how much damage will have been done?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Deb, Sounds very likely that it was a misfuel, The “conking” is the petrol refusing to ignite when compressed, although the engine has made horrible noises it would be unlikely that any long term harm has been done, I would recommend a fuel drain & flush with clean fuel, this will be the only fix your car likely needs

  2. Ade says:

    Likewise. I complained to Tesco and they put in contact with Elliot Duckett at their contact centre in Dundee. He has been very unhelpful so far and although I have had my car repaired, he has still not arranged payment to the garage. After numerous phone calls and emails, I eventually managed to contact him today. He offered a “goodwill gesture” of £100 although I did not have my car for over a week over the Christmas period. Don’t think I will be using Tesco garage again as apparently, this has happened before.
    I was informed that the diesel was incorrectly put into pumps around lunchtime on 23rd and I filled up at 7.00pm. There must have been loads of people who have filled up with the wrong fuel between that time although the Tesco Garage manager said that she only 14 people had come forward. Sounds like a scoop for the Evening News!!!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      An article was published in the edinburgh evening news yesterday, and yours truly (moi) wis slightly misquoted, – but they got the jist of it

  3. GM says:

    I filled up my car with petrol at Tesco Garage at Colinton Mains on 23rd December – it now turns out the fuel in the pump was diesel not petrol(!!!!) my car was towed away and estimates have been ball park £8k to fix it!!! Tesco will be getting a hefty bill. Hope other people see this as they may not realise Tesco have admitted they put diesel in the petrol container

  4. Alison McDonald says:

    My daughter put £20 of unleaded in her diesel 2009 corsa sxi without realising until she had driven approx 1.5 miles. The tank had prob about a gallon of diesel in it prior to her mistake. Just as she turned into her friend’s drive the car started smoking slightly and was sluggish. oooops! What now and how much?

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