Petrol in Diesel Problems? Solved!

Have you put Petrol in a Diesel Car?
(Or diesel in a petrol car?)

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Having the wrong fuel in your car can be a nightmare situation filled with shock, despair and shame. But it needn't be! At Fuel Fixer we specialise in sorting out any misfuel situation. We have a nationwide network of mobile Fuel Drain Technicians on call 24/7 to assist - regardless of whether you are at home, stuck on a petrol station forecourt, or broken down on the side of the road.

Average response time within the hour nationwide.

1) We come to you, drain the tank and flush the fuel filters and pumps with clean fuel.

2) Your car is not ruined, it does not need to sit in a garage for a week, nor does it need to be towed away or have expensive specialist work.


Even if the car has been driven we can rectify the petrol in diesel problem and do a full draindown and flush - in 99% of cases this will have your car running normally again straight away.

We come to you. We are fully mobile and carry all the kit needed.  We have professional fuel evacuation equipment on board and are experienced in all makes of cars & vans.

We supply you with fresh fuel at pump prices, and we can normally have your car done and ready to go in under an hour.

All wrong fuel waste is disposed of by us through a licensed waste carrier and recycled.

Please read our guide to Misfuelling a diesel or petrol car. If you have been scared witless by petrol in diesel stories of doom regarding putting the wrong fuel in, its not as bad as some say! Give us a call and we will help.

65 thoughts on “Petrol in Diesel Problems? Solved!”

  1. Miriam Dudek says:

    Dear Sir

    I own a Land Rover Freelander TD4 2005.
    In june 2014 i have given my car tob e tanked in an italalian gas station and filled my still half full diesel tank. Then I drove at least 70 km to the hotel with no problems. The next day I drove another around 40 km then the engine started to loose power. Not knowing, what was wrong I drove to a garage – was not open – went back tot he hotel. Drove tot the garage again, drove back cause they had no space… meaning i drove at least another 50-100 km with my car.
    Finally in this garage they found out that there was wrong fuel in it. They emptied the tank and the filter, I think that was all they did. Then the car went well. 5 Days later I drove back home to Switzerland and on the upper slopes, especially on the Gotthard pass the engine lost terribly power but made it home. At home I brought my car tot he Land Rover Garage and they checked the pressure and found the pressure oft he fuel to low. Then they exchanged the filter as well as the fuel pump. The test afterwards was fine, that was with 77‘000 km.
    Before Christmas I went tot he mountains and on a highway rest place the engine shivered when in standstill (Break with D or Park), which came up only once in a while from then on. Any high speed above 20km was fine and I drove to France (8 hours). In France the engine shivered even more and back in Switzerland it really jolts and shaked last Thursday morning and I had a hard time to start it to drive to the garage just 200 Meters away fromm y place. Low speed and running engine while breaking or in P gives the shaking and not good noise.

    Can this be an after-damage? How damaged is the engine and what is there still tob e done? Has the Land Rover Garage done everything they should have done?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hello Miriam,
      Unfortunately there could be a number of things wrong with the car. I would suggest that the best course of action would be to get the car onto a Land Rover diagnostic machine and try to find out what is causing this loss of power. I doubt that you still have contaminated fuel in the system but there could be issues with the pumps or injectors.
      Normally the Land Rover garage would replace everything in the fuel system that the contaminated fuel touched (meaning both pumps, fuel lines, filters and injectors) at a cost of a few thousand pounds.
      Hope this helps.
      The Fuel Man

  2. Mike says:

    Hi, my fuel light was on with 20 miles showing left when I out £50 unleaded in my diesel range rover sport. I didn’t realise until I was a mile down the road and the Engine management light came on and the full system failed and I cam to a stop. It wasn’t until the recovery came when I realised what I had done. It’s currently in the dealer waiting for them to take a loom but does anyone know what kind if damage I would expect to my 2008 range river sport 3.6 diesel?? Any help would be appreciated as I don’t really want to paying out £000s on a new engine etc.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Mike,
      In all honesty I wouldn’t really expect any damage at all. However, I would expect Range Rover to tell you that you will have to replace the entire fuel system as this is their standard practice regardless of damage. All that is necessary is to remove the contaminated fuel and re-prime the system with clean. Give us a call and we can sort it out for you.
      The Fuel Man

  3. leanne says:

    Hi all,

    really need some major advice if possible i put £30 of petrol in my diesel Audi A3 i called the AA and they could not find anything wrong? They managed to get it started and i drove 205 miles with petrol mixed in with about £10 worth of diesel. I arrived home and tried to start this after 2 hours it wouldn’t start, so i asked my neighbor who is a mechanic to have a look and that’s when i discovered i put in petrol!! he managed to get it started and i filled it up with £54 of diesel and also put an injector cleaner through it as well. It was quite sluggish for a few days but is running absolutely fine and starting with no problems at all, however, i am worried about the damage i have already done to the car? Any suggestions to what i should do as i know if i take it to Audi i will be ££££ 🙁 please help thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Leanne,
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. This page might be of interest to you.
      The Fuel Man

  4. Mark says:

    I was having one of those days, managed to put the wrong fuel in my car. Besides kicking myself lots I needed a plan to drain the fuel as I needed the car in the morning. The used the internet and come across fuelfixer I phone around 10.30pm for the phone to be answered by a very friendly man who gave me a price which I agreed too. He advised the mechanic would be with me in about an hour and that he would phone me to confirm. Ryan phoned and confirmed, when Ryan arrived I found him to be very friendly and helpful top marks Ryan thanks. I will have to rate fuelfixer 5 star everyone I spoke to were very friendly and they done everything they said they would which makes a change nowadays.. Many thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for the kind words. Wish you all the best.
      The Fuel Man

  5. Col says:

    Hi I put 15 pound of unleaded in my 58 plate Astra diesal (it had virtually no fuel in the tank). I drove it for 10 miles, was slightly lacking in power, then realised my mistake! Do you think a fuel drain will be ok or will I gave caused big damage

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Col,
      Thank you for contacting us. The fuel tank capacity of a 2008/09 Vauxhall Astra is 52 litres. You have put about 12 litres of unleaded. That’s about 20% contamination (assuming that the tank was already full of diesel). I would suggest that you should have it drained out completely at your soonest convenience. I doubt that you have done any serious damage to the vehicle. Have a look at this post. It might answer a few questions for you. Either that or give us a call.
      The Fuel Man

      1. Col says:

        Thanks for your reply! The fuel tank was virtually empty prior to putting the petrol in-is this worse or better? It’s getting drained tomorrow!

        1. TheFuelMan says:

          Hi Col,
          This doesn’t really make much of a difference. Good on getting it drained out. Hopefully there will be no lasting problems.
          The Fuel Man

  6. Chantelle says:

    Hi Feulfixer
    I would just like to thank two of your team who were fixing someone’s car on Monday night near Sutton Valence. I had stopped at the garage to investigate my tyre. I had a puncher and your guys were only too pleased to put my spare on so I could drive home safely. I thanked them both and told them I was very grateful for their help but it doesn’t seem enough. They are a value to your company. Once again thank you 🙂

  7. Linda says:

    Hi, my partner put about 25 litres of unleaded into almost empty tank of my 2011 renault grand scenic diesel then drove 15 miles home – nearer home car started to judder and make a bit of a man meting noise. This morning it had trouble starting and it was then he realised his mistake. Do u reckon there’s been major damage as the cars been stopped and started a few times and driven?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Linda,
      We come across this a lot and it is extremely unlikely that you have done any serious or major damage to your car.
      This post should put your mind at ease and explain what is going on –
      There are a lot of scare tactics out there, but all you really need is to get your vehicle professionally drained.
      Give us a call, I’m sure we can help you.
      The Fuel Man

    2. Philip says:

      Yesterday I put 11 litres of Unleaded Petrol in my Renault Diesel engine.
      I called out Fuel fixer and they came to the rescue. They fixed my problem by draining the fuel and cleaning the fuel filters. After replenishing diesel into my car, the engine started with no problem.

      I would thoroughly recommend Fuel Fixer to all my friends if this ever happens. Call the professionals and save £££££ at the dealership.



      1. TheFuelMan says:

        Thank you very much for your feedback Philip. It’s always nice to hear from our satisfied customers and we wish you the best of luck in the future.
        The Fuel Man

  8. Joshua says:

    Being a muppet, I filled my 09 VW Polo, a petrol, with diesel. Full. How much would this likely cost, estimate. I’m in NN7 if that makes any difference. Thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Joshua,
      Give us a call on our hotline – 07514409700 and we’ll give you the best price and can have someone with you pronto.
      Fortunately one of our best guys is in Northampton and more than capable to deal with diesel in a petrol (which is one of the more difficult scenarios).
      The Fuel Man

  9. Kate says:

    Is £5 unleaded mixed with £55 diesel (filled to max) likely to do much harm to my 2009 Citroen C3 Picasso diesel? Realised right away – petrol light had been on prior to refilling – then filled up on top with diesel. I appreciate a drain is the best course of action but don’t have the funds – if I run it and keep topping it up, could I drain it later, or get away without a drain, given the percentage mix? Thank you for any help.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Kate,
      You pose a very common question we get. In fact, we are asked it so much I wrote an article about it just last week (see As I mention at the end of the article, unfortunately there is no way to tell. You might just get away with it if you keep topping up (if you attempt this, I would suggest at least using a diesel additive to help relubricate the fuel system and getting the fuel filter changed as soon as possible). Although I’ve seen people have no future problems when they do this I’ve also been called out to assist motorists who had much less contamination and a “dead” motor. It seems to be a bit of a gamble when you are talking about this amount of contamination.
      If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call us. We’re very happy to help and give advice on the phone. And, depending on where you are, we might even be able to help you out with a decent discount.
      The Fuel Man

  10. L. Crosse says:

    I put £2 petrol in a 12 reg land rover (diesel) I then filled it up with £90 of diesel – do I need to panic?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      No – no need to panic, your vehicle will be fine – no serious or long term damage.
      You could probably even get away with doing nothing but continuing to fill it with diesel, but if you really want to be sure everything is fine and not risk your landy, get a fuel drain and new fuel filter. A lot cheaper than the cost of a 12 reg land rover.
      The Fuel Man

  11. alasdair says:


    My wife… bless her… put £40 of petrol in my 12 plate c220 Merc.. She then drove approx 7 miles home.. The car will now not start.. From your experience could there have been damage to the pump / fuel system. What would an approx cost be for you to come out and drain fuel and get the engine working again, We are just outside St Neots

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      I am almost certain there will be no serious damage to the pump or engine (or anything else for that matter). One of our drainers would be more than happy to put your mind at ease on the matter by explaining how the fuel drain process works and why we get so much work from people who don’t want to spend thousands of pounds getting a whole load of unnecessary work done at their main dealer.
      The important thing is that you get the vehicle properly drained and don’t leave it too long before you do.
      Give us a call – 07514 409700, we operate 24 hours and can usually get anywhere within an hour.
      The Fuel Man

  12. David Robinson says:

    Hello, looking for your thoughts , my wife filled her Audi A3 1.9tdi with petrol last week. She realised her mistake , didn’t start the car and had it recovered from the pump. A fuel drain was carried out the next day and a quarter tank of diesel added by the garage. I then drove the car about 10 miles and brimmed it with diesel. Car ran fine for 3-4 days and then started to to develop an intermitent slight misfire. Yesterday the car cut out whist being parked and wouldn’t re start. 2 hours later it started and was driven to independent garage to be checked( no misfire present ). Diagnostic check has revealed that one of the fuel injectors is faulty. Youth thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi David,
      As the car was not started and was drained before it had been it could just be a coincidence.
      There is a chance that something wrong was done while draining the vehicle, though as it was only the tank that need to be emptied, that shouldn’t be the case.

  13. MAK says:


    I misfuelled (didn’t realise) my 2012 Nissan Juke diesel with petrol (22 litres petrol on top of 15 litre diesel) and drove 100 miles on a motorway and then stopped at a Services, while trying to restart the engine it did not start and I called RAC (Nissan Emergency Line) and they spotted the misfuelling. A local garage then drained my fuel tank and my car started with no issues, since then I have driven more than 400 miles and still running fine. But I have some concerns related to this
    1) I now feel that the engine sounds differently, Do you think I should check with the dealer? Will there be any damage happened to my engine or fuel pump?
    2) Will the dealer ever find out about the misfuelling and void my warranty? In fact will they be able to spot this during the first service which is coming up in the next month?


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi MAK,
      Did the garage drain just the tank? If so, your best bet is to get the vehicle professionally drained.
      It’s very unlikely that your engine or fuel pump have been seriously damaged through misfueling. You can contact your dealer, though in my experience this could lead to a very large bill or quote for work that is probably not necessary.
      I would suggest you give us a call and get one of our engineers to come out to you. We have done plenty of Nissan Jukes and have had the pleasure of taking cars out of dealerships that have quoted the customer in excess of £5-7000 when all that was needed was a proper fuel drain.
      Any other questions or worries you’ve got can be well dealt with by one of our engineers.

  14. AD says:

    hi there. I am hoping someone might be able to help. i have a vectra 55 plate and drove it a litlle over 20 miles before car eventually conked out. To my horror it was only a little later on after i realised tgat i had put in the wrong fuel!!

    The car was chugging and juddering a few times before it finally conked out. i simply stopped and started the car again and it would carry on as normal before it conked out. i did repeated the steps each time until my car couldnt finally go anymore.

    It was only after this i realised about the insertion of wrong fuel. i put in 40 litres of petrol in my diesal car.

    Please help

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      I am sorry to hear, you should call our free phone number: 08000159564, I will be able to get you up and running in no time.

  15. Richard Parker says:


    Last night I put 22 litres of petrol in my Skoda Fabia (45 l) tank, which was 1/4 full. I did not start it. I had it towed to a local garage, who this morning were not interested in the job. I took advice and decdied on a DIY drain. I disconnnected the fuel filter inlet pipe, attached to a pipe to a large can. I then (wrongly) started the engine, as I misunderstood the advice. The fuel ran quickly into the tank for 20 seconds and the engine stopped. I then realised I only needed to turn the key to position 1 to pump the fuel through. I started the pump repeatedly in this way and drained over 30 litres until no more came out (it took a while!). By the end there was no fresh fuel coming through however much I turned on the fuel pump.

    I filled with 10l of fresh diesel and tried to start. After about 10 minutes and repeated attempts I still cannot start it. The oil light lights up and then some other engine management lights come on and there is a lot of flashing and beeping.

    After reading advice on this I am thinking maybe I have not diluted what was left enough and I should put some more diesel in, or maybe I need to try this Easystart product or something, to get it going.

    Any advice gratefully received (sooner the better!)

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply.

      well done for getting as far as you did, a can of easy start is a the field remedy for starting a car that has been run on wrong fuel, of course with our equipment we purge the wrong fuel from the system by suction.

  16. Tom says:

    Hi, I put diesel in a new Car today and drive about 15 miles, when Id stopped off and then tried to re-start it it wouldn’t and I realised what I’d done. I panicked and called Mercedes break down – my car has been towed and is now in a compound while I wait for them to tell me what the damage is going to cost me – having read your site I fear the worse and think I’m going to get stung – this whole situation is new to me, I wish is found your sight before I called to have it taken away. If they call me with what I think sounds unreasonable would you (or a franchisee) be willing to go and get it with me and give a second opinion? I’m sure they won’t like it but its my car so I don’t see what they could do….

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi tom, yes you are right, they can not tell you what to do with your own car, the EU block exemption ruling ended the dealers stranglehold on the motorist, call us and we can do the job at the dealership, we are well used to taking cars out of dealers garages and performing fuel drains.

  17. Mike says:

    Put 0.5 litres of petrol into a 100 litre tank and then brimmed it with 92 more litres of diesel. Car has done 50 odd miles, will the 0.5% mix by ok or do i need to worry?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi, it should be fine, leave the filler cap loose when you are not driving it and the petrol will vent off

      1. Mike says:

        Would do that but likely to get rain in it.

        Thanks for coming back so quick. To be on the safe side I’ll keep topping it up after 50-100 miles?

        1. TheFuelMan says:

          yes, top it up as you go but if you can leave the cap of at all that helps

  18. Tony POPE says:

    3 weeks ago put 16 ltrs of petrol into a merc sprinter then topped up with diesel had half tank before putting it in. Rang Mercedes was told it ok to drive the 10 miles to them, they drained the tank and changed filters, yesterday they say the petrol has caused a problem. Have driven over. 300 mile since then could this happpen

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Tony, what are the symptoms?

  19. Mark says:

    I have just put £15 of petrol in my Audi A4 1.9tdi avant 2002. This took me to about 1/4 of a tank and then drove 20 miles down the motorway on my way home. I had just pulled of the motorway and it died. I tried starting a couple of times then remembered about the fuel.
    Please advise as to the potential for damage?
    Many Thanks and Eagerly awaiting your response

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Mark,

      A fuel drain would fix it,

      1. Ed cornes says:

        I put 50 ltrs of petrol in a diesel 1.9. Tdi Audi a4 and drove less than a mile before it stopped. The local Saab garage simply drained the tank and refilled with an additive and it works fine £90.00 cost of labour, additive and 20 litres of diesel. Well done Saab.

        1. TheFuelMan says:

          sounds like you found yourself a good honest garage!, feel free to name them on here so others can use them

          1. Ed cornes says:

            Westbury Garage LTD, Featherbed Lane, Shrewsbury. Gave me excellent service at 3 pm on a friday afternoon to sort out my fuel issue. Highly recommended.

  20. alan says:

    i filled a diesel range rover sport with unleaded and drove it for 3 miles. the land rover people took it away and are claiming it needs a huge a overhaul amounting to thousands of pounds worth of work. is this necessary??

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hmm, sounds familier, you can read my thoughts on the subject here, your dealer is “at it”

  21. Andrew says:

    Hi there,
    I accidentally put 5litres of petrol into my fiesta ztec s diesel earlier on top of 1/4 of diesel and then put 40litres of diesel on top after noticing my mistake!
    will i need to have the tank emptied?
    kind regards, andy

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      yep, wouldn’t do any harm and will at least stop the petrol corroding the rubber seals/hoses

  22. tracy holt says:

    hi can you give me some advice i have a citron berlingo my fuel light was on and by mistake i put £5 of petrol in it, all i had was another £5 which i put £5 diesel in just to get me the 1/4 of a mile home. what should i do?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      fill it up with diesel as soon as you can, or better yet get a fuel drain

  23. Ken Morallee says:

    Excellent service; very professional. Came in 45 min exactly as predicted. Competitive price.

  24. david sizer says:

    Hi, put £20 unleaded in a corsa ecotec, that had about £5 diesel in it. Drove for a couple of miles, until juddered then it was left until could be collected. The car has now be drained by dealership and was filled up to half but it has used a quarter of a tank to do 4 miles!! What might be the problem??


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi, without looking at it I would guess that you either have a very serious fuel leak, or more likely, when a car is drained it often sends the tank level reading skewiff, – its unlikely the dealership gave you half a tank of fuel, whats more likely is they gave you 20 quids worth and you got the car back with a false reading on the guage, and now you have driven it the in tank sensor has founds its true level and adjusted itself.

      check the ground underneath the car and if you cant see any diesel its a tank sensor issue, if there is diesel on the ground call the dealership.

      its not uncommon for fuel gauges to temporarily play up after a fuel drain, however sometimes when a fuel tank is accessed from the top (which involves removing the level sensor) if it is not put back in carefully it can give false readings and permanently play up until it is corrected,

      hope that helps, if it still acts up give us a call

  25. Kevin says:

    Hi All

    Just looking for some advice really please. I filled my car up (2007 (07) Audi Avant A4 2.0 TDI) and the day after it conked out whilst driving home from work (no warning just cut out). I pulled in and it restarted after a few minutes. A few days later it conked out again whilst driving but this time no restart. After the first conk out I put about £2.00 worth of petrol to a full tank of diesel to clean it (I was told it was safe to do so but only small amounts). After investigating it was discovered that the fuel pump had gone. I really just wanted to ask a few questions, so any help would be appreciated.

    1. Would this little amount of petrol in a full tank of diesel cause this to happen?? Bearing in mind that the first conk out was before I added the petrol.

    2 I made a complaint to the garage in question because the fuel was a really dark brown/black colour. The mechanic who looked is a friend and was quite shocked at the colour. They said they would sample the fuel and if there “stamp” was in it they would cover the cost of repairs providing its there fault.
    3 My biggest problem is that no one else has complained about there fuel at this station.

    Can any one offer any advice on this..(and I no the obvious is dont put petrol in a diesel)

    Many thanks,


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Kevin, sorry to hear about that, to answer your questions
      1) no, that ammount of petrol in a full tank is about 2% – harmless for the short term
      2) the marker they are talking about (stamp) is a chemical dye that will indicate where the fuel has come from, this is a customs and excise requirement, however petrol does attack the fuel lines and fuel tank walls which are made from rubber and plastic and it does make the fuel a black muddy colour, i have a picture of this in the faqs
      3) if you put the name of the station up here anyone else affected might also see it and compare stories, but from what you have told me I would think its a problem with your car that is unrelated to the petrol, and the ugly looking fuel is normal if petrol has gotten in to the tank,

      My advice would be to take it to an audi dealer or independent dealer, and have car checked out,

      hope that helps

  26. trish says:

    Thanks for coming to the rescue the other day! I really don’t know what i would have done without you! I think i’d probably be facing a divorce actually. Anyway, I found your service to be fast and your man showed up on time, and took care of my car. Needless to say, I don’t think my husband will be letting me use his car again anytime soon, but its fixed and thats all that matters.


    Bmw x5, sutton

  27. Darrion Landers says:

    good morning
    I too have done the unthinkable. moment of temporary madness or just laziness. what would it cost to drain an Audi A3 2007. Im based in SW11. many thanks

  28. Eddie Dowdeswell says:

    Although i was very unhappy after i filled my S class with petrol instead of deisel dealing with FuelFixer was a good experience. They were on time and the Tatoo covered saviour was a thoroughly nice and decent bloke. If i am stupid enough to fill her incorrectly again I will be ringing the FuelFixer hotline.
    Well done.

  29. A J Bemment says:

    Why not fit a device to ensure this does not occur:

    For comparatively low outlay your problem is solved

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      exactly!, solodiesel is an excellent device and I would recommend everyone fits one

  30. Hey Mate

    hows biz…..? Gone a little bit quiet this week….fuel prices have risen and the punters are paying a bit more attention to the refuelling.
    did you ever do a Golf TSI Petrol………..a bit funny to start after the evac.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Ray, biz is more erratic than usual, I think the price changes got everyone filling up at the same time and then not filling up for a few days, and then getting back to usual patterns, it’s getting back to normal now
      How’s business in Ireland, Did you get a price hike on fuel as well?

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